ThreeSpirits Trio

ThreeSpirits Trio are:

 Nadia Braito - voice

  Stefano Dall’Ora - acoustic bass, programming

  Francesco D’Auria - drums, percussion, hang


ThreeSpirits Trio originates at the same time both from an artistic urge and a musical challenge.

First, we imagined an open space, where each artist would have plenty of room and where even the most offhand musical idea could find prompt receptivity and reaction. This desire led us to experiment with such an unusual instrumental line-up.

Then the challenge: in jazz ensembles, etiquette usually relegates the double bass to a second-line supporting role for the soloist of the moment. Is it possible, we asked ourselves, to create a musical project with the bass in a melodic and harmonic leading position instead? Or maybe for the “big violin” pretending to be like a piano or a guitar is just some kind of wishful thinking?

It's been clear from the start that three conditions were mandatory for a successful outcome: the percussionist wasn't just requested to support the rhythm and splash a few colours here and there; he had to support also harmonies and melodies, when requested. Then we needed a versatile voice, who could morph itself into an instrument, if the music asked for it.

Finally the most important condition: for our game to be really free and joyful, a deep, reciprocal understanding among the members of the trio was essential, and we meant not just a musical one. To top off the formula, to combine the elements and trigger the chemical reaction. This was the best way, we were sure, to reach our audience.

We tried this experiment; those who'll listen, they will judge whether we've been successful or not.

Excerpts from Blue Chorale

A glowing review of Blue Chorale by Adam Baruch

Adam Baruch, member of the prestigious Jazz Journalists Association, wrote this glowing review of the CD Blue Chorale (link to the page on his site):


This is the debut album by Italian trio Three Spirits, which consists of vocalist Nadia Braito, bassist Stefano Dall`Ora, who also adds some electronic effects and drummer Francesco D`Auria. Together they perform eight compositions, originating from a wide variety of mostly Jazz and World Music sources and include also one original composition by Dall`Ora.

The trio presents an intimate climate, with the vocals being accompanied only by bass and drums, with the bass playing most of the instrumental melodic parts, which of course is very unusual. Braito sings lyrics but mostly performs wordless vocalese, which is very impressive. Dall`Ora plays many amazing bass parts, some using effects, which would leave many a bass player completely stunned. D`Auria adds a tasty and elegant rhythmic support, which is always right on top of things, changing the dynamics according to whatever is appropriate at a given moment.

The music completely escapes trivial classifications and amalgamates so many elements that listing them all is simply impossible. There is a distinct Jazz improvisation present at all times, but the music moves all over the scale from contemporary Classical to World Music. The unique arrangements change to original compositions often very dramatically and always surprisingly. It is absolutely amazing how just three musicians can make such powerful music.

This is one of those albums where one starts to listen to with absolutely no preconception or previous knowledge and as it progresses your jaws simply open wider and wider with each tune. Dall`Ora sent me this record after I reviewed another album he plays on, and this lucky coincidence made me discover this fantastic gem of an album. Thanks Stefano! Finding such albums really makes life worth living.

Above all, the existence of albums like this one proves that European Jazz is continuously leaping forward and there are no limits ahead of us. These young people will keep surprising us with their ingenuity, inventiveness and individuality, and thank God we can enjoy this fruits of their labor.

Brilliant from start to finish, this album is for those music connoisseurs who think they have heard it all already. You are all in for a big surprise!